In A Sim's Tale: Book 1, we knew that Sunset Valley's citizen had split in two sides due to inauguration day. Those who supported Vita's revolutionary plan to changed Sunset Valley to became a modern city and those who wanted to kept the town to be a quiet and peaceful with Nancy.

This is the picture of both sides.

Two sides

List of known Vita's supporters (as seen in the picture):

List of known Nancy's supporters (as seen in the picture)

For addition, Simis Bachelor and his family eventually joined Nancy's side since he thought that there would be problems if the town changed.

Lily joined Nancy's side as a sign of solidarity to her co-workers who against Nick Alto's plan demolishing the Hogan's Deep-Fried Dinner, even though one of their co-workers sided with Vita.

Vita and Nick's daughter Holly also against her mother's plan and secretly helped Nancy's supporter's group.

And eventually, John Redfield who originally sided with Vita since he worked for her, decided to changed side after he learned Vita's true nature.

At least, one family, the Goths remained neutral and act as mediator for both sides.