I only wanted to share some unused/scrapped ideas of my A Sim's Tale series, starting for Original to the current one.

A Sim's Tale

  • Jean Redfield was going to be the main protagonist with her twin as the deuteragonist.
  • Jean and Leona met Bella at the Ol' Pier beach instead of the school bus.
  • John's old friend was Geofrey Landgraab instead of Simis Bachelor while Simis himself was merely an acquaintance.
  • John was originally to be the one who framed by Vita instead of Nancy Landgraab, causing the Redfield twins to team-up with Geoffrey and Simis to found evidence to help their father.
  • Hank Goddard and Pauline Wan were originally had greater role in the story.
  • Holly was originally to be the one who died at the end of the story after tried to protect John from her mother.
  • Both Vita and Nick felt regret and surrendered to the police after attending Holly's funeral.
  • Charlie was originally going to be introduced at the epilogue, a doll given by Magdalena to Chris as his birthday gift.

A Sim's Tale: Book 2 (Will be Updated)

  • There was supposed to be a plumbot names Tobi who lived with the Redfields, created by Jean Redfield.
  • Darlene Bunch was originally going to be an antagonist and involved in a love-triangle between her, Jean, and Alex Curtiz, made her Jean's rival.
  • Kaylynn Langerak had a relationship with Arlo Bunch.
  • The Delgados weren't friends with the Redfields, but they met when John and Lily passed their house and decided to help unpacking their belongings.
  • Enrico Delgado was a clumsy and became fast friend with Alex due to their similarities.
  • Tina Delgado's name was originally Nina Delgado.
  • Annie Delgado's name was originally Ana Delgado, I changed her name to avoid confusion with Alex's mother.
  • Miraj Alvi originally would be featured with greater role than in the Book 1, but, an accident happened to him in my game, so I decided to cut him from the story.