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RoseGui November 15, 2011 User blog:RoseGui

Hello, IRCers!... Moodlet cheered up happy

I think I should let you all know that I'm going to take a break from IRC for a few days, and this will happen because I need a little bit of more time to dedicate to the wiki. My contributions have dropped too much these months due to lack of interest in the wiki, but I think it's time to get more involved again on the wiki itself. I have to update my fanons and do a lot of things that I have delayed. I have not accomplished my goals, and I feel sad for it. At the same time, I also need to study, so I'll be focusing on these two objectives, for now. However, I'll be glad to join IRC if requested! (: I'm still contactable via my talkpage and I'll respond to whatever message, whether you guys need to chat or just some help on the wiki! ^_^ I look forward to meeting you all at the IRC again (: ;D, Bleeh, Georgie, DanPin, Auror, Random Ranaun, MTDM, Nikel, Wogan, Bob, Mortelle, N7, John, Wir, Xd, Andronikos and whoever I may be forgetting at this moment (lousy memory >.<). :D

Best wishes for all,



PS: Whenever Big Brother Roleplay is up, I'll be there.
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