Dear wikians,

I don't really know how to start and what to say.

Anyway, I feel like this is not a big surprise for some of you, as I had expressed concern with my own activity on wiki and if I could perform the tasks required in a admin, since I disappear for long periods of time now that I'm much busier. As the title of this blog suggests, I'm announcing my retirement from my admin and bureaucratship, since I no longer feel able to fully exert it. These rights were entrusted on me to help the community as well as making it grow, with the collaboration of other admins. I can't help it but feel like I'm not deserving of these anymore, and I haven't been taking part in policy discussion or the other forum's that have been created for awhile, which I haven't contributed to. I had already announced that I was leaving to Lost Labyrinth last year due to schoolwork, yet I didn't have the courage to do so.

This is not only real life's "fault". Being fair, I haven't really been playing any The Sims series games lately, I'm not considering buying The Sims 4, and I have been progressively losing my interest in the series. And you see, this is my last year of high school and I have to put a lot of effort in enrolling to the university I would like to attend. One more year, and I will hopefully be there! What else can I say?? There's too much that will probably go unsaid. I would like to go on a more personal level now and remind a little bit of my history here: When I joined the wiki, I was very, very inexperienced – the only thing I knew how to do was to add categories, then suddenly I started trying to edit articles with my own words. This almost always ended in disaster, because my grammar was truly horrible: admins and regular users would have to keep correcting and sometimes they couldn't understand anything at all - so, very often, the only option left was to revert it, which kind of annoyed me. Then I started improving it - by reading, listening, but - mostly - practicing by writing, writing, writing! I tried to imitate the native speaker's writing style. Fortunately, I started improving a lot to the point that I started making more valuable contributions and then eventually reaching the admin rights that I have to this day.

However, this wasn't something I did completely alone. I had the extremely remarkable help of admins - especially LiR, Dharden and A morris. I owe to these three most of what I can do today, wiki-wise. They would answer my questions patientfully, would correct me and constructively critizing my edits if needed. Always ready to help me - and even if hard, I don't think they ever gave up on or lost faith. Now, the English fluency I have gained is something that would surely be different if you guys hadn't helped me. Thank you very much :)

This is community is so friendly and has so much potiental. It has been this way from the start! Although it is perfect - there have been fights, quarrels between users and even admins, I think we all have learned a bit more and became more mature. I hope that the wiki never loses its kind spirit and I also hope that some of the old "grudges" and fights can fade away, be forgotten and forgiven. I really love how there are users who show and put so much dedication to make this place better and better everyday. Keep it up!!

Well, this is the hardest part - saying goodbye! It's not an indefinite goodbye since I will always come up on IRC when I can, but it's still hard because I won't be on often. There are so many people who have made this journey sooo wonderful and unbelievable! Thanks to Xd, Sophie, Nikel, Wogan, Bleeh, LiR, Dharden, DanPin, Soar, A morris, Lost Labyrinth, Random Ranaun, JM9193, TheSims23, Auror and Beds; and also to some people I haven't seen in year or years that I miss and wish I could at least say something to them: Andronikos, DarthCookie and BobNewbie. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, if I am, I'm sorry; there are just so many people! To the youngest admins and rollbacks, congratulations!!! The best of luck for you all! Remember that you are able to reach anything when you work hard!

As for my abandoned fanon and Big Sim Brother contest, I will leave it to anyone who wishes to continue them. Feel free to delete the ones you think are too short or stubs.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this amazing journey on this amazing wiki, may I wish you all the best for the present and future,

A tight hug :)

RoseGui (talk)