The news have shown something terrible! Japan was affected by earthquake which consequently caused a tsunami, which was the most victimized by the event since Japanese people are very prepared for Earthquakes, by now there are many victims, most of them located in Sendai, where the tsunami had the greatest impact, where there are over 10 000 disappeared people and entire families, and I wish that these people are found and taken to a secure place with their families, also for people who are trying to find their relatives, friends, I wish them my best luck, and I hope you always find a reason to be happy again. The tsunami waves are really shocking and scaring, they destroy everything around them, and I hope many people were successful when trying to run away from waves, but sadly, I know this is quite hard. To make this worst there millions of Japaneses without water or electricity. I want to give my congratulations to Japaneses, because they are such a calm and brave country, even when it comes to the nature tragedies. Also comment please if you wish to say something to Japanese people, I wish they're able to overcome this, I wish they find their families and friends, I hope they recover from this, I hope this never happens again, but... it's not my decision!


Tsunami wave destroying everything in its passage, I can't imagine the affliction of people who filmed and photographed when they saw this...

Also, be happy and comfortable with yourself and value/learn the fact that you're a lucky person if you're alive and if you really live life!! My best wishes. --Guilherme Guerreiro (talk here) 18:09, March 15, 2011 (UTC)