• Jake74b

    Ghost Pets Difference

    March 23, 2016 by Jake74b

    in Sims 3: Pets have difference color, pattern and special effect. following.

    In Sims 2:Pets, Their ghost are white color with ghost noise. on the other hand Sims 3: Pets have separated to 2 ghosts. while white ghost has be used in Drown dog.

    This ghost pets. their pattern and sparkle effect are mostly same as Old age Sims. but ghost pets color is blue.

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  • Jake74b

    How to Drown Your Dog in Sims 3: Pets

    You can do follow by 

    step or watch  to do this step.

    Note: It's video show as Serbian Hunsky Dog, You can do any breed dogs. Require: Basement, Swimming pool between Space, Any Pets' Objects. your dog must completely Depleted.

    1. Let's your dog sleep until "Tired" approximately 30 to 45 min/sims.(because if it tired, you won't dicrectly interact to swimming pool. ) Then go to the swimming pool.

    2. When moodlet 5 - 7 min/sim left, Click any objects that you placed in opposite the pool. Dog will jump to swimming pool.

    3. While a Dog is swimming, Build you wall or fence. to prevent enter to object. Be careful don't let your dog get out of the pool or leave your dog struck on the pool.(since it can teleport to …

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