Comparison between Ghost Pets and Ghost Sims

in Sims 3: Pets have difference color, pattern and special effect. following.

Old Age Pets

In Sims 2:Pets, Their ghost are white color with ghost noise. on the other hand Sims 3: Pets have separated to 2 ghosts. while white ghost has be used in Drown dog.

* >10,000 Lifetimes

This ghost pets. their pattern and sparkle effect are mostly same as Old age Sims. but ghost pets color is blue.


 * <10,000 Lifetimes

  This ghost pets are mostly similar to meteor sims. but ghost pets color is red with emit sparkle effect instead smoke.

Drowned (Dog only).

This ghost dogs have same as Drown sims but difference use:

  • Dog body is white because fur and body use as sims hair color.
  • Tongue and Collar use as sims body color.
  • They are slient and can't emit effect as Drowned sims.

Comparison between Sims 2: Pets - Old age vs TS3:P Drown Dog It could return from The Sims 2: Pets because They have same color and doesn't emit effect but Difference are:

  • Old age has visible body pattern.
  • Old age has more transparent than Drown dog in TS3.
  • Drown Dog has visible rippling skin.
  • Drown Dog can show only white body color and blue collar and tongue.
  • Drown Dog has glowing eye while in TS2:Pets doesn't.
  • Old Age can die only Elder but Drown in TS3 can die both adult and elder.