• Sasukefan866532

    A short time ago, in a land close by, lived the large town of veronaville, home of the mostly cool capps, thje one cool monty, and several cool my chemical romance fans, but there are the blond uncool girls too, watch on youtube look for mistic veronaville at the same username as here. but I will add some of the storys here too, like this one...

    (Starting at the Capp Mansion)

    Juliet:Hey Hermia hows Romeo, has he been happier with you?

    Hermia:Juliet just leave me alone.

    Tybalt: Ignore her, and romeo is just fine, a total ass, but fine.

    Juliet: Ohh ok. we better get to the useless pain of having to walk school.

    (Moving to the Monty house)

    Romeo: Hey guys.

    Mercutio: Yo Romeo hows Juliet and the hot hermia, you know we did do it oncew.

    Romeo: Ok I'm no…

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