Welcome! This guide is here for you to learn some tips on how to make your Sims the best mixologists in town! If you want to find out how, read on! :)

Something you should know before you continue reading this guide: The content in this guide is only present when you install the Late Night expansion pack. So what you are about to see is a MAJOR SPOILER, and it may ruin your in-game experience if you don't have it yet. Read at your own risk.

INTRODUCTION: For this guide, we will be using my CAS Sim, Ms. Jenny Smith. She is a level 8 Mixologist in my game, and so far has learned every drink in Waylon's Haunt (except for Big Mistake, a drink you can learn at level 9 of Mixology). Here. Read this part.

1. Jenny earns some Lifetime Happiness points from completing wishes and learns up to level 3 of the Mixology skill. Then, she buys the Better Mixologist reward for 15,000 points.

What is this trying to say?: It's a good idea to rack up some Lifetime Happiness points (probably around 15,000 - 16,000 points at most) so that you may buy this reward. The logo : a person is tossing 2 bottles in the air, as if performing a bar stunt. Before doing so, I advise you to buy the skill books of Mixology in the bookstore to be able to learn the skill at a faster rate.

2. Jenny starts practicing on her Party Drink until Level 4, and learns the Skill Gain drink. After that, she keeps practicing her drinks and reading her skill books until she learns the Romantic drink, while continuing to rack up her Lifetime Happiness points, until she can buy the Fast Learner reward. She also has leveled up to Level 8 through intense reading and practice.

What is this trying to say?: Keep on practicing with the drinks and reading the skill books. Those are only a few ways to improve the skill. It is also a good idea to go to the Business Complex and take a class in the skill, though it does cost money like other skill classes. The Fast Learner perk helps you learn the skill faster.

3. Jenny is now skilled enough to start learning popular mixes and moonlight at bars. She starts off at Waylon's Haunt. She learns all drinks except for Big Mistake and starts moonlighting (side work in bars) and earns 58 simoleons in doing so.

What is this trying to say?: Although you can start moonlighting at level 2, it's a good idea to get all suggested perks and at least level 4 before moonlighting, because the Regular Drink is always what bar patrons order, so your Regular Drink now must probably be at least Nice Quality or Higher. That leaves your patrons happy.

Thanks! :)

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