Alexis Henderson is a sim of Piinksim, she was featured in three of Piinksim's LP's Generations S1, University Life, and lucky last Generations S2. In the first LP 'Generations S1' she was introduced as a toddler, her siblings were Jake Henderson and Marilyn Henderson. Her parents name was (mother) Samantha Henderson, (father) Noel Henderson. The second LP she was featured in was Piinksim's University Life LP, where she was accompanied by her friend Lily King. She studied fine arts and Lily studied communications, they lived in a sorority. They both came back to University for the second time to finish their degree's and lived in a dorm. Throughout her university journey she found love with Eddy Mullis. The latest LP (which is maybe the last LP that contains Alexis Mullis/Henderson) she was in was Generations S2 were in the beginning of the LP she was engaged to Eddy Mullis, further into the LP they had four children, which all of them were females and they had one grandchild. Now Alexis and Eddy are now in the elderly stage of their life.