Piinksim is a simmer whose a girly girl, teenage gamer. She adores the sims and is one of a kind. On youtube she currently has 80,038 subscribers. Her current LP's are the 'Sims 3 Generations S2' & the 'The Sims Life Stories S2(Vincent)'. These are her completed LP's: - Sims 3 Island Paradise (32 parts) - Sims 3 Pets (20 parts) - Sims 3 Latenight (45 parts) - Sims 3 Midnight Hollow (10 parts) - Sims 3 Generations S1 (20 parts) - Sims 3 University Life (35 parts) - Sims 3 Seasons (21 parts) - Sims 3 Into the Future (25 parts) - Sims 3 Ambitions (17 parts)

'It may be a lot to think about, but if you really want to be enjoyable, I would recommend these things. As long as you have a fun personality, don't worry, the rest will lay itself out.'This is piinksims advice to people who want be a simmer. You can go to her blog/website to learn more: BYE:)

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