Ah, the glorious day has finally arrived! The Generations expansion pack for the Sims 3 hit BestBuy shelves today. I was able to grab one of the last two copies. Well, I have made some plans for my Sims. I was only able to sneak a few moments to blog, so I cannot play with my Sims right now. Christine Kelly is going to join the Daycare profession and have another baby with Isaac Kelly, her husband. I am going to use the "eat three watermelons for a girl" trick and Mark will have a new sister. He will age up into a toddler and learn every skill there is to learn for his age group. I am hoping that the prep school is not a boarding school; it sounds like a weird idea. I am used to playing with the kids, too! As for Isaac, he will continue his Astronaut career in the Military. Hopefully, the worries and responsibilities of both home and Daycare will not upset Christine! I am eager to learn how to upload pictures of this family onto here. It would certainly add some flavor to my blog! If you know how, please let me know.