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This is not a The Sims Wiki guide. This is a guide made by Sims2Player just for fun. This guide can be helpful, or not...

Hello boys and girls! Welcome to today's lesson! Today I'm going to learn you guys: How to behave in chat!


Chat has a few rules, which should be taken serious.

  • Treat others like how you want to be treated.

(You, and every other human being wants to be treated nice. So be nice to users, and don't do mean to them. Because you also don't want your feelings to be hurt).

  • Don't spam in chat.

(Spam in chat is very irritating. Sometimes, a user makes a grammar mistake, and wants to type it good so users can understand. That's okay. But when you spam badly, for example: Hjdfsh sdgasgrwe dhrwjy6e5 rhew5je5. You can be very annoying, and it's against the rules! Don't spam kids!).

  • Refrain using a language other than English while on Chat.

(This is the only rule I really hate. You may not speak a language, other than English. Otherwise you can be banned from the chat. Why? Because you can simply harras/hurt other users in chat without the moderator to understand. Dus niet doen! Oops, sorry!


Chat moderators are users which have power in chat. Ehm... You get what I mean... Chat-moderatos can simply warn/kick/ban a user from chat. I once applied for Chat-Moderator rights. What? You want to see it? Please, it's very embarrasing because I... OKAY!!!! Here, you can have it! read this.

Sometimes the chatmods may ask you to move on from a topic. This might be because it's likely to cause argument (like some religion or politics conversations) or make the environment uncomfortable to others (like using the chatroom as a dating site or canoodling nook). Please listen to the mods and drop a topic if you are asked to.

Sock-puppetry in chat

Do NOT even try this out! Some users once created loads of sock-puppets because they were banned from chat. Never do this, kids. Because you can even risk a longer ban or a permanent ban or maybe even an on-wiki ban. Also, you will gain a bad reputation if you are a well known user.

Private Message

Private messages are very useful when you want to send someone a message but the other users in chat don't need to know. If a user is harrasing you in private message or bothers you, feel free to block their private messages. If you are blocked from PMing someone, it means they do not want to talk to you there. Please respect their wishes.


Trolling is very annoying and immature. Even mothers don't want their child to troll other people. Simply because it's sad. Don't ever troll, beause if you do so, you will risk a block. What if you see a troll? Here you can see how to "react" and how not to.

How to behave

Here you can see a troll joining the chat and saying mean things. This user is doing it good because he ignores the troll. A troll wants to get an annoyed reaction by the user/users he is trolling. If you ignore him, the troll will leave because you don't react to him, letting him feel bored. If he leaves, report him to the administrators.

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How not to behave

Here you can see a troll joining the chat and saying mean things. The other user is doing it wrong. He reacts to the troll which feeds him and encourages him to troll more and more!

And if you got blocked because you trolled, just say your little brother did it.

The End

I have nothing much more to add! You guys are now, chat experts!

Now you can explore the big world in the chatbox! Have fun! ;P

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