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18th November 2015

Hello The Sims Wiki! Sims2Player here with the 60th issue of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper! Again, have fun reading my second The Sim's Pen! ;)

Fanon news
Attention members of the Fanon Peer Review Team!

The Fanon Peer Review Team has received numerous requests for peer reviews. All members please visit these fanons and give them a rating as soon as you can! Thanks.

Have something you want to share? We're happy to add it here — just leave it in the comments!

Want your fanon to appear on this list? Please nominate it! We are always looking for excellent fan fictions to feature here!

Hot Story - A Garden of Roses by Vpetmad

A Garden of Roses is a story about a colony of PlantSims named the Rose family. The family lived for generations in a sleepy little forest, untroubled by the outside world. Sounds good? Well, one of the PlantSims is beginning to rebel against the rules and taboos of PlantSim society. Can he foresee the true consequences his actions will have, and more importantly, will this garden of Roses manage to bloom despite them?

Writer's Pick - Sepp Rossi by AldoHyde

Giuseppe "Sepp" Rossi was born when his father was the mayor of Monte Vista. When his father's term ended, the Rossi moved to Three Lakes. Because of that, Sepp grew far away from the feud, but he still knew how badly it affected Antonio, Bianca and Kent, his pre-school friends. His parents always treated him well, and he was free to pursue his own path. That's also the main reason why Sepp is a much more happier adult than Kent. As Kent's parents forced him to become a businessman, while Sepp's parents didn't force him into politics. Sepp also met the "right people" while pursuing his dreams as a Racing Man. When reunited with his childhood friend Antonio Monty, Sepp finds himself in the position of a potential middleman. Will Sepp be the right person to intervene in this difficult situation, which may divide his loyalties?

Thanks for your time reading my second The Sim's Pen blog! Stay tuned for next week's Sim's Pen! Don't forget to follow us!

Have a great week everyone! Au revoir! :D Sims Plumbob Player (talk) (mistakes) 06:33, November 15, 2015 (UTC)

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