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Issue LXII
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29th November 2015

Hello The Sims Wiki! Sims2Player here with the 62th issue of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper! Sit back and relax! :P

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Hot Story - Pleasant family (K6ka) by K6ka

The Pleasant family consists of sports coach Daniel, his work loving wife Mary-Sue and their fighting daughters Angela and Lilith. The family is an excellent recipe for a disaster. Daniel having an affair with the maid, Mary-Sue problems with her job, and Angela and Lilith arguing over who has bathroom priveleges and who not. After Mary-Sue got demoted, and was sent home earlier, the drama could get much worser than it was: Mary-Sue caught her husband cheating. After seeing this scandal, she kicked him out of the house, without any pardon. Daniel was forced to live on the streets. How will Daniel survive? Will someone save him, or will he drink himself to his death?

Weekly Celebrity - Mortimer Goth (C.Syde) by C.Syde65

After several years had passed since Mortimer had retired in luxury, he decided to come out of retirement to resume his job as Mad Scientist. Because his wife Bella was abducted and far away from home, Mortimer started a relationship with Dina Caliente. Mortimer had a son with her, named Dylan. Dylan lives with his mother and aunt, but still carries the Goth name. But Dina wasn't the only one who was after old Morty, several other women attempted to get their hands on him his fortune, but none of them have prevailed. After his wife Bella finally got back from the desert, Mortimer could continue his relationship with her, as he did with his job.

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