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Games they should add to the sims3

1.Sims3 gymnastics

2.Sims3 longer Pregnancy

3.Sims3 Trip To Australia

4.Sims3 Zombies

5.Sims3 Mythical Creatures

6.Sims3 multiplayer online

7.Sims3 Blast of to Mars

8.Sims3 Yacht Life

9.Sims3 Rich Life

10.Sims3 Airport

P.S The sims3 Multiplayer does not mean sims3 social. It means online 3D game play. I just wanted to give some idea's for you guys to use and i would like it if there was some way to make the pregnancy longer because I just think that it is way to short. If possible could you make a setting on the game when people can change the setting of the pregnancy of the sim so they can have them pregnant as long as they would like.

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