Sims Expert here!

This is about my experience with the Sims 3 and how I chose to use is, I will also list some of the cheats that I have discovered while using the Sims. Honestly, I have spent so much time on this game, I can speak Simmish. Ya I know, boring life huh? Anyway I promised you cheats, first simoultaniously press SHIFT+CTRL+C them type in motherlode for +50,000 simoleans or you colud type in forcetwins duh obviously it does what it says, or you could type in testingcheatsenabled which does alot of useful things for you, if you type in the cheat then click on your letterbox, you have the option to -

  • Make All Happy
  • Force Visitor
  • Set Career
  • Set Level

You can also hold onto shift and get these -

  • Modify Sim Traits
  • Force Aging
  • Add Sims to House
Also you could type in enableLlamas that obviously enables Llamas. Well thats all for today! Bye!!