Hey! I'm new to this account but not to wikia! I've used wikia, especially The Sims Wikia, for at least 3 years now. For some reason, I never really made an account, so I have one now! I'll be making a weekly post on this blog about something I did in the Sims recently! I own The Sims 1, 2, and 3, but the original Sims discs I have probably don't work anymore, the Sims 2 discs I have (I own almost all of the EPs and SPs for The Sims 2!) don't work with my new Mac, sadly :(. But for now, I'm using The Sims 3 for Mac and iOs.

Post no.1: Around August (maybe?), there was a disc authorization failure with my Sweet Treats disc! I tried to fix it a couple of times but failed, so I gave up. About 2 days ago, I finally opened up The Sims 3 again and I totally forgot about what happened in August. I spent the entire day searching the EA website for help, updating my computer, updating my Sims 3 launcher, uninstalling and reinstalling everything, and I even got Suoernatural! At night I finally got it to work and played it for about an hour but it was getting late, so I shut down my game. This morning I tried opening my Sims game. Of course, I got the exact same disc authorization failure notice from my BRAND NEW disc! It was also a different EP as well! I spent the rest of this morning trying to fix it, and guess what? It's working again! Sadly, it'll probably not work again tomorrow morning :(