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  • SodaDog

    Ian Stocker, who composed the soundtrack for both The Urbz and Bustin out for GBA has released crisp source recordings of the soundtrack! Also, there are SIX unused tunes from The Urbz for GBA including an early song for Urbania which includes both day and night variations (the night version sounds different) and a possible unused credits theme!

    Check them out below!

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  • SodaDog

    A friend of mine posted this in another site.

    It turns out there was going to be an N-Gage/PSP/Dreamcast/PC version! How interesting.

    Now for the cancelled Sequel.

    "" The Urbz 2 started development about 5 months before The Urbz released. The Urbz 2 was planned to launch on PS2, Xbox and Gamecube in 2005. The Urbz 2 would of featured several new additions to the franchise console series: Direct Control and Multistory housing. In The Urbz 2, you are tasked yet again to build your rep in a new city. After taking over the last city, you left soon after to find fortune and then got trapped without money in Simcity. Without work and money, you need to find yourself some w…

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  • SodaDog

    I found this on SimCookie.

    It's interesting!

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  • SodaDog

    "When a reunion happens in a nostalgic town, the remaining residents of Pleasantview are not alone.....with serial killers roaming around Pleasantview and killing off townies, things take a turn for the worst...What will the residents do? What will happen to the reunion? Who is behind the serial killings?"



    A Sims 2 Screenshot Story/Comic


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  • SodaDog

    The Sims 1 hype died down in 2006ish when Sims 2 came out in '04.

    The Sims 2 hype died down just twoish years ago when the website got shut down and when the Sims 3 came out...

    ...but when will the Sims 3 hype die?

    My guess is if Sims 4 turns out to be a success, it would be sometime in 2017..

    But what if Sims 4 turns out to be bad?

    Some say the Sims 3 fanbase may go on....even when the forums threaten to close down on the aforementioned date. 


    What do you guys think?

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