I was playing with my copy of The Sims 2 for PS2 and noticed that the "Last Simoleon" wallpaper appeared from Bustin' Out! It was quite an interesting find since most of the items were ported from Bustin' Out.

Also, i noticed that The Sims 2: Pets for Console was built off of The Sims 2 for Console which was built off of The Urbz which was built off of Bustin' Out and was even built off of The Sims for the Console! Even the Cheat gnome appears EXACTLY the same form as it did in all FIVE of those games!

Also, i was watching the TV in The Sims 2 and Pets and i noticed that it appears EXACTLY as it was in The Urbz! Darius, the pets you get in the Apartments, Everything!

Stay tuned for more updates when i do some more furniture comparisons.

EDIT: I was playing Sims 2 Pets for Console, and i found three or two items appeared from Bustin' Out in it's EXACT SAME form!

The Virtual Reality Box from Dudley's Trailer from Bustin' Out appeared in EXACT SAME form with EXACT SAME animations and sounds!

The Pinball Machine that appeared dating back to The Sims for console (whew!), appeared! it has exact same form, but the sounds are different..

The wide-screen TV from the Urbz appeared in The Sims 2 & a slightly different form but it still has the EXACT SAME icon from the Urbz!

The Jukebox looks different, but it still has the exact same description dating back to The Sims for console!