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Glitching Sims Console Games

SodaDog February 7, 2014 User blog:SodaDog

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Lately, i discovered a new method of glitching console games by taking the disc out of the PS2. Several occurances occured when i did the method while some, considered to be humorous.

The Sims (console)

- When my child died in free play, the Grim Reaper didn't show up until i put the disc back in.

- When i tried to place and object, the game locked up until i put the disc back in.

- When i used the "Vibrate" action on two sims in the love bed, they got stuck on the bed, along with the "cheating/caught" sound effect. It still happened when i put the disc back in.

- In the Dream Sequence for "Get a Life" mode the girl didn't show up, only the smoke that made her appear. Also, when the main person said "Deja Vu", i got a "Game Over" losing everything.

- In the Dream Sequence for "Get a Life", when the girl was going into the hot tub, she was stuck in the changing booth until i put the disc back in.


- Missing Sound effects and Voice clips until i put the disc back in.

- Game freezes when a Sim tries to go through a door.

If i find my other console games, i'll experiment with disc-glitching until i find funny occurances!

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