Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to thank all people who read and commented my fan fic A Year Under The Sunset. There are already 7 parts released and I'm glad most of you all liked it.

The bad news is... I will not be able to update it in the next two weeks due to a French camp which I will be attending. Awwh :( Indeed, but the good news is: I'm inviting you guys to imagine why Candy Ashleydale has been found dead at the end of part 7.

In this way, I compensate my absentness and maybe I can find some wonderful ideas from you guys to continue my fanon. If you would like to write about what you think what happened to Candy, please comment at Fanon:A Year Under The Sunset/Episode 7 or here at this blog post before August 24. To those who want to try it: I wish you all good luck and much creativity.

If I think your story is really good, and if I really want to use it, I will sure mention you in the next parts, you know: credits and stuff... Episode 8 will be released at August 25.

Peace out and thanks already,

Sophic2 Talk 19:01, August 10, 2013 (UTC)