Ok, sorry if I'm not supposed to post this here, but there's no Sims Fanfiction Wiki (that I know of) and I hate So, here is my Sims fanfic. It's about the daughter of Johnny and Ophelia having a really rough life. I actually plan to make this happen in my game. And yes, this is named after the Green Day songs of the same name. I do not own Green Day, The Sims, Johnny, Ophelia, this site, potatoes, the number 3, Sesame Street, Avril Lavigne, the phrase "I like chicken," or anything else. I only own Alvin and Gloria. Feel free to hate this story if you want. CC to your heart's content, but please don't flame. Sparrowsong 19:49, February 19, 2010 (UTC)thumb|300px|rightthumb|300px|right

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I ran down the stairs, waving around the pregnancy test.

"Johnny, Johnny!" I shouted. "I'm pregnant!"

He grinned and hugged me. So did our other child, a three-year-old son.

"Are you excited about your new sibling, Alvin?" I smiled, ruffling his sandy blonde hair.

"Yeah," he answered. Having just been taught to talk from Johnny, his vocabulary wasn't that great yet. "I really ah-side-da, Mama. Wah do babies cuh fwom, thuh?" (A/N: "Yeah. I'm really excited, Mama. Where do babies come from, though?")

I gulped. This was such an awkward question.

"W-we'll tell you when you're older, Al. For now, let's just say they come from love."

Alvin looked up at me with his little green eyes and said "Okey-dokey, Mama."

As excited as I was about my pregnancy, I had a bad feeling in my guts. I had a feeling that bad things would happen to this baby when s/he was older.

Johnny and I talked about names for a while before we finally decided to name it Keenan if it was a boy and Gloria if it was a girl. We wanted a slightly unusual but strong-sounding name, and Keenan and Gloria fit the bill pretty well. Gloria did, after all, mean "glory." And Keenan...I wasn't sure what it meant, but it sounded fine.

I got so far in the pregnancy that I started to feel the baby moving. It felt special whenever it kicked, like when I was pregnant with Alvin, my first child. It was almost like the baby was telling me "Hi, Mama, I'm your son or daughter and I can't wait to be born!"

Suddenly, my waters broke and I went into labor.

It was a beautiful baby girl, with my eyes and Johnny's green skin. Strangely, her hair was red instead of blonde like Johnny's and mine.

"Gloria," I whispered. "Gloria Willow Smith."

"She's so cute," Johnny cooed.

"Do you have any relatives with red hair?" I asked.

Johnny nodded.

"My dad had red hair when he was younger. That's who Chloe and Jessica's hair is from. And apparently, Gloria's got it now, too." (A/N: I made Jenny and PT9 have another baby after Johnny moved out. Her name is Jessica Smith. She has green skin, alien eyes, and red hair. No cheats or anything.)

So, Gloria's hair was from her grandfather.

She was such a cute, perfect baby.

I still couldn't quite shake that uneasy feeling. Gloria was going to have a hard life, I just knew it.