Okay can someone explain what had happen to me?

Back in 2009 I was playing the sims 2 and I created a couple who were going to start this loving big family. After a while the woman gives birth and I realized I hated babies. Little monster wouldn't stop crying, sims constantly feed it bottles, and it got worse as a toddler. Little brat kept playing in the toilet, begging for attention, kept wanting the parents to read to it.

So then I snapped. I had to get rid of it.

When it became a child I purchased a living chair and one of those fire decoration things...(you know the one you can roast marshmallows on it and can catch stuff on fire much more quickly?) Anyways I made the kid sit on the chair and placed the thing in front of it, blocking their escape.

That little brat escaped twice when the chair lit, but third times the charm. He died instantly and I placed his tombstone in the back. Of course the parents cried, so like a moron I had them adopt another baby.

....Then I did it again. This time something weird happened.

A female, dark-skinned elder came to the back and mourned for the two kids and walked off around 11 at night. I was kind of freaked out and thought it was just some coincidence. But after five minutes had passed the Witch doctor appeared and began watching t.v in their home!

I could't get him to leave and I didn't know about cheats until later so I had no choice but to move them.

But I started to kill more kids...The death total added up to 8. Then that elder appeared at nightfall and this time the witch doctor didn't appear but Bigfoot himself!

I got him to leave but after that I uninstalled the game and didn't play again till late 2010. I think Maxis didn't intend for anyone to kill children.

Your thoughts? :)