Okay now that there has been some and a bit of brainstorming I now think that maybe the WHOLE community should really decide if there should be a Fanon Battle.

I will need some help on this though since I'm kind of sick and you guys should come up with some rules that you think that should be concluded since it is your fanon being judged as well *shifty eyes*. Most of the rules I think should come from the Sims Wiki Battles it self but with a few additions.

Here are a few rules:

  1. Creators are allowed to resubmit their fanon in future battles.
  2. You have the choice to decided if you do or do not want your fanon to be in a battle or any future battles.
  3. Voters are not allowed to give an a negative criticism to any of the fanon during the battle. This will lead to a warning and if continued to a block.
  4. When you nominate a fanon make sure the fanon's creator is aware of this.
  5. All fanon must be up to standards.
  6. If you are going to submit your fanon into a battle make sure it is creative and attracts voters. (yeah I'm unsure about this rule...)
  7. If you are planning to nominate your fanon then be sure you are up to voters judging on them and chances of losing, we don't want your feelings to be hurt. (Needs some re-wording...)

Like I said that is what I have for now but this really does depend on everyone and how they feel about this.

Should there be Fanon Battles?

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