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Sims 1 Revival Lp video series!

StrRC May 31, 2014 User blog:StrRC

OK so obviously every kid is playing sims 3 now but only those who played sims 1 would understand the nostalgia and those 1st memories from this epic game, as it was the best in my opinion and always will be I love it so much that i even decided to make lets play video series of it with funny and cool scenario. however since its old and unpopular i find hard getting any attention, i made 8 cool episodes of the 1st seasons which averaged just ~50 views per episode :/
Im very happy with my result and work and probably going to have hell of a time watching them 50 years later in my retirement, however if YOU guys could show some support and share my videos so it might get some more public attention,my motivation would skyrocket and i might continue to make them as i really love to play this game!
Heres one of the episodes:
After all its up to your judgement , if you wont like it u can ignore it

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