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  • TehN00bishGal

    I'll skip my super-long constantly sidetracking intros that I usually do and get straight to the topic.

    I am changing my username. As I felt that "thatkitten" does not really represent myself anymore--it's been a username I've used since i was little--and am updating my email addressess and etc for my new online IDs, my new username is "TehNoobishGal". I chose this because it still keeps the fun of thatkitten but updates it because I'm no longer that front-tooth missing innocent obsessed-with-cats child I once was. I will still have the same personality and I am not going anywhere anytime soon, so don't worry! I know I'm awesome, why would I go anywhere LOL :P

    I am waiting for the email to come from Wikia approving my username change, but af…

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  • TehN00bishGal

    Yeah guys! December! (Or November 30 depending on where you are...)

    Pinch punch first day of the month lol

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year for all of you.

    (Pssst: admins when's the Christmas theme planned to be rolled out?)

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  • TehN00bishGal

    Yeah. I got hacked.

    It started off with Origin. I was constantly being locked out because someone else was playing, my country was changing to Russia for some reason, and it was pretty evident someone was freeloading and playing The Sims 4 on my account. (freeloaders. ugh)

    I mean, really: you could have just pirated the game to play it. I only have Get To Work and Outdoor Retreat. The pirated versions come with all of the DLC!

    So, I added two-step verification to my account, and changed my password. So the guy decides to try my Origin password on my email. Yep, and he made sure to change my email password too. Thankfully, I have more email addresses that all link together. Surprisingly, he didn't bother getting to my recovery email address wh…

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  • TehN00bishGal

    I mean, wow EA!! Seriously, another DLC for The Sims 4? This time 'round they've called it: Spa Day Game Pack. It's going to add a new lot type, Spa, and let you build...uh...spas.

    But wait a minnit...didn't we have this in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage (thanks to Nikel23 for pointing that out!) as a build mode item...AND IN THE SIMS 1: SUPERSTAR EXPANSION? Yes. Yes we did. EA has done it again, making us pay for things included with older games. *cough* HOT TUBS WERE IN THE SIMS 1'S BASE GAME *cough*

    At least the people who wanted (so-called) original DLC for The Sims 4 instead of recycled ones from previous games are surely getting what they wanted, right?..then they realise it was in the older game.

    • The Sims 4 Update 3: Brought along the High-Rider Gno…

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  • TehN00bishGal

    So I just got The Sims 2 running on VirtualBox, well, sorta.

    • - Windows Vista Ultimate, Service Pack 2 (64-bit)
    • - 1GB RAM
    • - 2-core processor (mine's a dual-core with hyperthreading, but the VM is only set to see 2 without hyperthreading)
    • Acceleration: VT-x, PAE/NX and Nested Paging
    • Graphics acceleration: 256MB of Video RAM (my real card has 2 GB), 2D and 3D acceleration enabled.

    The only thing that's wrong with it is the walls all have some weird red texture on it. This colour moves along the walls as the game goes on. Another thing thats wrong is that it's stuck at 800X600.

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