Yeah. I got hacked.

It started off with Origin. I was constantly being locked out because someone else was playing, my country was changing to Russia for some reason, and it was pretty evident someone was freeloading and playing The Sims 4 on my account. (freeloaders. ugh)

I mean, really: you could have just pirated the game to play it. I only have Get To Work and Outdoor Retreat. The pirated versions come with all of the DLC!

So, I added two-step verification to my account, and changed my password. So the guy decides to try my Origin password on my email. Yep, and he made sure to change my email password too. Thankfully, I have more email addresses that all link together. Surprisingly, he didn't bother getting to my recovery email address which is rather odd.

All my passwords are changed, two-step is on everything...and I'm back on my (online) feet again.

May this be a lesson to all of you: don't be stupid like me and have the same passwords. Better safe than sorry like I almost was!