I'll skip my super-long constantly sidetracking intros that I usually do and get straight to the topic.

I am changing my username. As I felt that "thatkitten" does not really represent myself anymore--it's been a username I've used since i was little--and am updating my email addressess and etc for my new online IDs, my new username is "TehNoobishGal". I chose this because it still keeps the fun of thatkitten but updates it because I'm no longer that front-tooth missing innocent obsessed-with-cats child I once was. I will still have the same personality and I am not going anywhere anytime soon, so don't worry! I know I'm awesome, why would I go anywhere LOL :P

I am waiting for the email to come from Wikia approving my username change, but after that I am no-longer thatkitten. Please do not refer to me as that anymore, but please also don't treat me like a new user. I am unsure if Wikia will keep all my old edit history and etc with the change, but if they don't then just remember--I am thatkitten updated for 2016 onwards. Thank you.

TehN00bishGaltalk to me if you want 09:08, December 16, 2015 (UTC)

(my new signature :3)