So I just got The Sims 2 running on VirtualBox, well, sorta.

 Here's the VM specs:

  • - Windows Vista Ultimate, Service Pack 2 (64-bit)
  • - 1GB RAM
  • - 2-core processor (mine's a dual-core with hyperthreading, but the VM is only set to see 2 without hyperthreading)
  • Acceleration: VT-x, PAE/NX and Nested Paging
  • Graphics acceleration: 256MB of Video RAM (my real card has 2 GB), 2D and 3D acceleration enabled.

Picture (tutorial house)

The only thing that's wrong with it is the walls all have some weird red texture on it. This colour moves along the walls as the game goes on. Another thing thats wrong is that it's stuck at 800X600.


Well, it kinda works.