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Yes, there is another way to get The Sims 2 Launcher to work!

If you, for whatever reason, like using The Sims 2 launcher, or just don't like accidentally clicking on your direct-to-executable shortcut you pinned to your taskbar (it's happened a lot with me, and I then have to wait for it to load, and then press ALT-TAB once it lets me, then press CTRL-ALT-DELETE, you get the idea...), well I have a fix that will let the Launcher load up, and you won't have to click before the content loads, etc..

Now, I am running Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I am unsure if it will work on Vista or 8, and it probably won't work on XP either.

  1. Right-click your Sims 2 Launcher shortcut (assuming you have made one on your desktop or in a folder). Choose Properties.

    Step 1


    Step 2

  2. Click the Compatibility tab and in the only drop down menu choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2).
  3. Click OK.


Sometimes it will work, others it won't. I CAN'T guarantee a result that works. But if you do find a way, please DO tell us thru a blog post!!!! If it looks like this:


No sponsored content :D

or it has simply a green thing at the bottom, then congratulations!

If The SIMS 4 page will crash.

Thatkitten (talk) 03:25, January 1, 2015 (UTC)

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