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Top 10 Newest Features in the Sims 3: Supernatural

The Sims 3: Supernatural is the seventh expansion pack for the Sims 3 with a set release of September 4th, 2012. This expansion brings plenty of new and exciting additions into the Sim formula. Whether you're most excited for new, paranormal-themed items, a spooky new neighborhood with fueding familes, or mystical character types, this expansion will surely take things in a scary and spooky direction.

Here's a Top 10 list of the most exciting new features and additions to The Sims 3: Supernatural. Keep the closet light on and don't look under your bed.

10. The Lunar Cycle

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The newest gameplay feature in The Sims 3: Supernatural is the Lunar Cycle. The moon can disapper from the sky, or become big and bright! What kind of strange happenings can occur with a full moon? Strange happenings, paranormal transformations, magical effects? Normal and Supernatural Sims can be effected by the cycle, so werewolves and normal Sims should keep their eyes to the sky!

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'9'. Paranormal Careers

Sims can build a career as a fortune teller and as a self-employed Alchemist. Earn money by selling self-made elixirs, or let your Sim becoem a mystic with a real connection to the great beyond! Become the next genuine mystic, or the next scam artist by selling out psychic advice and readings.

8. 12 New Skin Tones

Diversify your Sims with brand new skin tones to pair with the new creepiness! Now, your Sims can have bizarre skin colors, including grey scale, blue, lightblue, turquoise, purple, and orange. Create a house where everyone is a different color!

7. The Town of Moonlight Falls

This expansion adds a new area for Sims to take up residence: Moonlight Falls. New Create-a-world assets include a town halls mausoleum, and water tower. Not only is the town filled with mystical creatures, but it also comes with new character stories. In fact, there are two families of mystical proportions feuding, The Van Goulds, a vampire family, and the Wolffs, a werewolf family.

6. Gothic-Style Items

What the point of living in a supernatural town if you can't even get your spooky decorating on? Ever wanted to have a secret, hidden room behind a revolving bookcase? How about smelly, smoking magic cauldron? Decorate a pad in a way that'll make the neighbors jealous!

5. New Lifetime Rewards

Accumulating enough lifetime points could net you some serious magical powers. Want to fly on a flying vacuum instead of a broomstick? 10,000 lifetime points and it's yours! How about an immortal vampire that can not only tolerate sunlight, but also never die from old age! Other items include a Philosopher's Stone, where you can trasmute ghosts into gold, and magic hands for witches/wizards, which allows you to cast a spell without a wand (and no spell will ever fail again!)

4. Casting spells

Ever wanted to magically charm your life so good things happen to you? Or how about hex another Sim who you just dispise? In Sims 3: Supernatural you can brew special exlixirs that lead to special effects, or if you're a witch/wizard, cast your own spell with your magic wand!

3. Supernatural Items


Nothing can make your life easier than a magical broomstick that you can board and fly, or how about a magic mirror where you can ask your most important questions to? Sims 3: Paranormal contains plenty of enchanted objects to fill your creepy new houses with. Ever wanted your own skeleton maid? Awaken Bonehilda for a spooky housecleaning experience.

2. Supernatural Sims


Ever wanted to create your own Sim witch or wizard? How about a werewolf or vampire? Fairy? Well, now you can. Each of these fantastical Sims has their own magical abilities, traits, and interactions. For the first time, you can have a vampire, werewolf, and a witch share the same house. sounds like the perfect reality show, doesn't it?

1. Zombification

What's better than one zombie? A whole houseful of zombies. Now, in Sims 3:Supernatural, by mixing a simple elixir, you can create a slow shufflin', brain cravin' monster. One zombie can chomp on another SIm, and before you know it the entire house is infected. Don't worry, another elixir can bring him back when zombie life becomes too dull.

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Honorable Mention There are some pretty cool pre-order bonuses for this game, including Plant vs. Zombie themed items! Special limited edition outfits include different zombie types, such as the Ripped Zombie Suit and the Newspaper Zombie Suit. Perhaps the coolest item is a working Peashooter that can be used to defend your house against a zombie invasion. Be sure to check that out!