The one important constant to his directions and my instinct was to OPT OUT OF DOWNLOADING UPDATING or INSTALLING the EA Download Manager at any time during my Base game, World Adventures, High nd loft, and ambitions install.

When all four were completed and you will see in my post I indeed had did not install two particular patches in order before WA and prior to High End but but half way thru what do you got to loose so I took a chance and it installed without issue. I don't suggest my error the closer you follow the instruction the closer you will come to victory.

Once all of the games were installed and for dramatic effect decided to go to bed without testing the launcher out of fear of busting out into a full spray of tears right there. So going to bed last night dreaming of today turning on my puter to be able to play the game once again.

So here we are the moment the time I had been waiting for. I clicked my TS3 AMBITIONS launcher and there it was ERROR but not one I had seen before this one was an error letting me know I needed to update my EA download manager. WHEW I said for I had fallen for this trick before and just clicked NO or No I don't want to update my EA download manager.

First thing I did in the so far so good clean launcher was to uncheck the AUTOMATIC Updates.

It is my intermediate belief it is the EA download manager causing all the problems. If you want to play your Sims game and keep your Legacy families on ICE along with your saves/custom downloads to play I think I may with the help of many gotten to this point. But like most simmers were never satisfied and I will want my River view, and the 60 dollars of simpoint bundles I bought but hey playing This game we all love as VIRGINS with just the games basics is better than no game at all? At least I hope until EA comes in and gets us the Patch fix we all NEED, DESERVE, and Demand!

did I actual see a patch for those who are having issues with Create a world working with their game before a fix for us Game incompatible? I don't know how long this will last without an EA download manager on my game but so far so good. When all dies down and we are back to normal you can bet those pivotal in getting my game working a Sim Point or two coming in their direction.

Thank you for listening, putting up with, and most of all helping me this is why I wanted to take time out to write this in hopes it will help some of you too. We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond. MarcelProust God B TC a friend, Proteus