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  • I am STUIPID
  • TheRichie2

    Okay The Sims Deluxe WORKS! And it took quite a while but...The Sims 2 also works :)

    I created a family, played on it (WHAT ELSE WOULD I DO WITH IT?!)

    But now...There is one problem...I cant find my family anymore! Is there a way to fix this?!

    And WHERE is my family?

    P.S before anyone says : Maybe they got deleted or...Something like that. Well it woudnt explain that i still have videos of them (Yes i recorded a few times and THAT still exists!

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  • TheRichie2

    The Sims 1 and 2

    April 30, 2013 by TheRichie2

    So today there was a market…And for months i wanted The Sims 2 and i also wanted to know more about the Sims 1…Once i was at a store and i saw : THE SIMS 2 WOOT! for 30 EUROS! I didnt buy it though…Today at the market i saw The Sims 2…It caught my eye. I  asked to one that was selling it and she said : Its 50 cents. I was thinking : 50 BUCKING CENTS!? This has to be a fake one or Its broken.

    I bought it anyway because…What IF it worked then i would have a awesome game for 50 cents! If it doesnt work…Well i am not going to be mad because i lost 50 cents.

    Later i saw The Sims Deluxe. I asked the one that was selling it and he said : 1 Euro. Once again i coudnt believe it but i bought it anyways because i woudnt lose much.

    All those Sims….In 20 …

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