A couple of weeks before I joined this wiki, I was looking for some pictures when I accidentally found this wiki. At first I didn't know anything about it and I was focused on "Wiki that anyone can edit" so when I saw Battles I thought it would be great if I write my own battle. Since I didn't know that I mustn't edit pages like battles I was blocked for a day or two :)

After that I was just reading articles and learning how to edit pages. I wanted to help this wiki but I couldn't find something that I can edit. I started with writing how many hairstayles and clothes does each stuff pack add. That didn't seem like a helpful information so I stopped writing it and started looking for something else to edit.

I saw that many community lots has no picture and that's how I started with "real" editing. I created 7 pages so far: List of empty Strangetown lots, List of La Fiesta Tech lots, List of Sim State University lots, List of Académie Le Tour lots, Create a Pet/The Sims 2, List of empty Veronaville lots and Lots and Houses bin/The Sims 2. On the first four I wrote both infoboxes and reviews while on the last two I wrote only infoboxes. On Create a Pet/The Sims 2 I wrote all steps as well as steps on Create a Sim.

For all this hard work I got rewards: 1 for hard work and 1 for all images I've added. Except that I was very honored after I was chosen for featured Editor of November. I am proud of all work I've done here as well as being rollback. So, after a year here I made over 1000 edits and met great people. (Nikel, Rose, Bob, Wogan, LiR, GG, Dan, Xd, Wir, RR...)

I'd like to say that everyone here is very nice and I enjoy being here. This year was very nice and I hope I'll be here for many years.