Longwood Bay
'Founded by Griffin Longwood at the turn of the century, Longwood Bay have named after his family name. Longwood Bay would be a very good place to live in. Generations have passed, but will this town still standing for the next years?'
Name Longwood Bay

Longwood Bay is a small town, founded by the Longwood heiress. Griffin Longwood, the deceased patriarch of the Longwood clan, have built this town into a perfect, cozy palace for living. Many families reside at Longwood Bay, such as the Longwood Family, Ferguson Family, Cartwright Family, and more. Longwood Bay is possibly located at the edge of Twinbrook.

There are a total of 31 residential lots in Longwood Bay.

*Longwood Manor (6br, 4.5ba) (Occupied by Longwood)
*The White Bungalow (1br, 1.5ba) (Occupied by Cartwright)
*Graceful Palace (5br, 5ba) (Occupied by Ferguson)
*The Garagelicious (2br, 2.5ba) (Occupied by Garage Band)
*Affordable Trailer (2br, 1ba) (Occupied by Hick)
*Beachside Getaway (4br, 3ba) (Occupied by Wynorski)
*The Meadow Manor (2br, 1.5ba) (Occupied by Parker)
*House of Tiles (3br, 2.5ba) (Occupied by Reinwald)
*The Greene's Green House (7br, 5.5ba) (Occupied by Greene)
*Magnificent Mansion (5br, 5.5ba) (Occupied by Rich)
*A Bug's Hideout (3br, 3ba) (Occupied by Hart)
*Yellow Manor (4br, 3ba) (Occupied by Connor)
*Simply Modern (2br, 2ba) (Occupied by Baines)
*Outdoorsy Resident (2br, 2.5ba) (Occupied by Townsend)
*City Center Houses (3br, 3.5ba) (Occupied by Neighbours)
*Pleasant Place (3br, 3.5ba) (Occupied by Worthington)
*Quite Gothic (5br, 4.5ba) (Occupied by Goth)
*Refined Elegance (2br, 2ba) (Occupied by Wood)
*Howling Modernity (3br, 2ba) (Occupied by Wolf)
*The Andromache Home (2br, 1ba) (Occupied by Goode)
*Old Manor (3br, 3.5ba) (Occupied by Griffin)
*Affordable Classic (2br, 1ba)
*Cozy Classic (2br, 1ba)
*Comfortable Retreat (1br, 1ba)
*The Log Cabin (2br, 1ba)
*Astounding Classic (2br, 2.5ba)
*Modern Mansion (5br, 5ba)
*Quaint House (2br, 2.5ba)
*Typical Starter (1br, 1ba)
*Stunning Revival (3br, 3ba)
*Victoria's Victorian Home (4br, 4.5ba)

===Commercial Lots===
There are a total of 24 commercial lots, excluding additional commercial lots that requires certain expansion packs.
*Golden Gym (Gym)
*Longwood's Research and Medical Building (Hospital and Science lab)
*The City Hall of Rights and Honor (City Hall and Police Department)
*Longwood Community of Movies and Films (Movie Theatre)
*Fort Simeaus Military Base (Military Base)
*Longwood Education & Coliseum (School and Stadium)
*Paragon's Abandoned Building (Criminal Hideout)
*Mega Vista La' Longwood Park (Big Park)
*Longwood Bay Community Pool (Pool)
*Moonlight Hollow Cemetery (Cemetery)
*DeLongwood Beach (Beach)
*Library of History & Humanity (Library)
*Longwood Bay Central Bookstore & Spa (Bookstore and Day Spa)
*Longwood Bay Historical Society & Museum (Art Gallery)
*Fresh Air Park (Small Park)
*Playful Playground (Small Park)
*Plasma Lounge (Vampire Lounge)
*Longwood Mall (Restaurant and Grocery Store)
*Clear Rivers Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
*Stoner Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
*Extraterrestrial Loune (Supernatural Hangout)
*Longwood Corp. Building (Office building)
*Andalais Beach (Beach)
*Andy and Flo's Deep Fried Diner (Diner)


The Longwood Family 1542 Longwood Lane
Difficulty : 5

Abraham Longwood, Rosie Longwood, Kassie Longwood, Kaycee Longwood, Whitaker Longwood

Take a good look on them, they simply fire people and show off. But then, years later they have changed, now the Longwoods doesn't 'knock'. Abraham and his lovely wife, Rosie was fall in love each other and have resulted three kids after a really hard, hard work. What could possibly happen until Kassie became more goody two shoes than her sister?. Behind all that, the rejected and neglected Whitaker paint with all of his hardwork of creativity to make him at the top. Will all this problem ever solved?

The Garage Band Household 1921 Sedonna Avenue
Difficulty : 6

Finnegan Carter, Kenneth Hart, Randy Morgan, Alexanderia Quentin, Alex Dane, Anais Dane

Since these best friends out of college, they decided to make themself standing at the center of the stage. Finn, the baseball expert just found his true love, Alex Dane, a girl next door who really knocked herself out, while Anais, other Alex, Randy, and Morgan just 'friending' each other. Tears and drama's always happened, what could really happened to this out-of-minded buddies?