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  • I live in Dallas
  • I was born on March 21
  • My occupation is Simmer
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  • The Black Scorpion

    I have a few worries about The Sims 4.

    1. Like SimCity, it will require Origin and a constant online connection.
    2. The only add-ons will be Expansion Packs as Stuff Packs will be absent due to another online store.
    3. The price of the base game and expansions will increase from $40 US to $60 US.
    4. Server issues, like we're currently experiencing with SimCity.
    5. Only cloud saves, no local saves.
    6. No support for mods. This was promised for SimCity, and it was a lie.
    7. The SimGurus will be removed from Twitter and other social media.

    I'm reallly losing faith in EA. They do good stuff like supporting Equal Rights, but bad things like with the online crap, micro-transaction and a constant internet connection with no off-line mode.

    -The Black Scorpion

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  • The Black Scorpion

    The Black Scorpion here. Me and Amy (both the new owners of SimPrograms) will soon need a few more Simmers (who are fluent in English and are familiar with WordPress or is a fast learner) to join our site as a writer. Soon we will be relaunching the site and need lots of help! So if meet the requirements, let me know either here on TSW or by contacting me via the staff page on SimPrograms.The Black Scorpion (talk) 21:00, October 10, 2012 (UTC)

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  • The Black Scorpion

    It's all because of the way EA treats us. They still have yet to fix their games and i can't stand it anymore. They may have recently admitted to milking their game franchises but that doesn't change anything. we already knew they do it and they will never stop. I can no longer give money to a company that does NOT listen to their customers and that only cares about quantity over quality. One reason why i will always love Nintendo and Rockstar, they listen and understand. EA sucks and soon i might delete my account on the sims wiki. been fun but all these bugs and glitches has ruined the Sims for me that and Societies ruined SimCity thus i bid the farewell.Bafendo 15:42, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

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