The Sims 4 and S4PE

While going through the Sims Wiki I noticed a lot of S4 Icons were missing because no icon packs were uploaded yet. So using prior knowledge I though that if I download S4PE that I could find the icons in one neat little package named...

NOPE! No files are named at all and I have to search through 8 different package files for all the icons!

For me to find icons I have to SEARCH by size and file type... uch! Sims Team again putting us through torture. The icons can be found in FullBuild6, FuildBuild7, FullBuild8, Delta6, Delta7, Delta8, and ORFullBuild1, etc. Luckily the files I need are 38px or 128px. However eachtime I have to click "convert to .png" rather than clicking export because .DDS files are for losers. I haven't found the audio files yet, but found a bug in the custom music folders.

Custom Music

So I was like "I got Sims 2 music in iTunes and like that music better..." I was able to divide all the music into similar stations, but community speakers DON'T PLAY CUSTOM MUSIC and no custom music plays in the Winter Holiday station... :(

LOL... sorry about wasting your time with my rant, but oh well...  UltraGamingKid (talk) 18:35, February 21, 2015 (UTC)