In my huge amount of planning, for Sims 2, I've been thinking about eventually making a small community, that's all distantly related to each other. I have searched the wiki for pages that might have something to do with what I'm looking for, despite them being very informative and helpful, there were a few things that they didn't provide info on.

My question is, when are family members not considered as being related to one another?

In the village, there will be five couples, that will between them have twelve children. Ten of the children will be paired off. That will make all of their children cousins. Which I would probably mean I would either have to bring in CASs or make some more families to marry them, to make the next generation.

Something I wanted to share;

Also, I wanted to share this, I found it in my notes from ages ago, and thought it might be handy.

This is a way to have more than one generation of sims alive, and still adults. It can be done with other Sims2 expansion packs, but I've always had University installed when I've tried it.

All you need is; a large supply of elixir of life, and a sim that's at permanent platinum mood.

  1. Have a family of sims, that is a parent or both parents, and have a child. It doesn't have to be a CAS made child. You could get the female pregnant, and raise the child from babyhood and still do this trick.
  2. Raise the child normally. Keep and eye on your adult's ages. If they get close to elderhood, use elixir of life, to bring them back to 29 days until elder.
  3. When the child is either ready for college, or grows up, have them move out.
  4. When the child is ready to start their own family, like graduated college for example, repeat the trick.
  5. Keep going, until you have as many generations of adults as you want.

This trick could be used to make all kinds of crazy families. Like, for instance, if you wanted a family to have someone that's their distant relative from the past, like Fry and Farnsworth from Futurama. Or, a vampire ancient relative like Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows. (Though, with a vampire you wouldn't have to have the sims move out, but best to have him not live with them, so he has no memories of friendships with previous generations.)

You don't even have to keep each generation alive. You could just move the child out, keeping the one family member alive, that you want, and then have each generation die of old age, until you get to the generation that you want.

WayfinderOwl (talk) 16:16, January 26, 2013 (UTC)