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Often with in the sims games, it is very difficult to make our sims wear a pure gothic design outfit, without drowning them in solid black. With this blog, I will share my designs and show all the possiblites.

All of my designs were created with The Sims 3 base game, The Sims 3: Supernatural, Create a Style and general playing around with outfit possiblities.

Outfit Name & Description Information

Rock Goth

Your sim girl will look perfect for a rock concert, or hanging around the house playing her guitar.

Sim Model: Georgina Goth

Originally made for Aria Goth during her Young Adult stage.

  • The corset of the jacket has a nice red and black plaid design, to create the illusion of wearing  a dress.
  • Black fingerless gloves are a must, to complete this design.
  • For the skirt, alternate the pattern. To really show off the ruffles, add a plaid layer for ruffles 1, 3, 5, then a dark shade of red for 2 and 4.
  • The boots have red laces, to complete this look.

Stylish Goth

Whether they are in the office, or just a stylish sim in general, she will look very elegant in this.

Sim Model: Maria Goth

  • To get the shade of purple for this design, it was taken from the bracelet on her wrist.
  • This outfit is made up mostly of grays and purples.
  • The top contains two shades of grey. A darker one for the main top, and a lighter one for the more lacy parts. The darker shade of grey came with the skirt.

Gothic Fairy

For the dark fairies, or a sim who has seen tragedy, this outfit works for all occasions.

Sim Model: Georgina Goth

Original Name: Barefoot Cinderella.

  • Again with this design, it was about creating the illusion of a dress. Making sure both top and skirt matched.
  • To compliment it withthe belt, two shades of grey are used, as a small break from all the black. The flower could not be customised completely, but it does add nice touch.
  • This outfit also looks amazing without the tights for a more party ready look.
  • This is also a good outfit for a werewolf, with the torn look. With all those transformations her pretty dress might get a little torn.

Casual Rock Goth

Perfect for the maturing rock star, who is not quite ready to wear comfortable shoes and more age appropriate clothes.

Sim Model: Aria Goth

  • This top also incorperates the plaid pattern created for the younger Rock Goth style.
  • The trousers actually have a leather style pattern from Create a Style, that I made black. This is also added to the bottom of the sleeves, and the bottom of her top.
  • An addiction to the gloves is a little studded bracelet.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing all the gothic style creations you make. :)

Also, if you have any possible requests for certain styles with the goth effect, please feel free to mention them in the comments. I have set a challenge for myself to make a truly Goth outfit for every occasion, career or personality type. I'm only making designs for female sims, right now.

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