I've always wanted to do a Goth family legacy in TS2, but never did because I didn't want Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander to die. Now that I'm paying TS3, and even though story progression is off, they will probably end up dying anyway. I thought why not?

I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in reading about it? I will be making it anyway, but if there is some interest, I will make a fanon page about it.

Even though I haven't made it yet, I will try to recreate their family, by merging the Bachelor, Crumplebottom and Goth houses into the Goth household, so I can keep an eye on them and make sure they don't change from the family tree made in TS2. All generations will be in TS3.

Another thing, I would love suggestions for traits that you think Alexander and Cassandra should have. I'm stumped, other than the obvious for Alexander, with the genius trait.

Legacy Themes

I figured that I should give some information on what to expect, with in the family.


This is the Goth family after all. Not all couples will live happily ever after, or live to see their golden years.

A story for each sim

Including Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra and Alexander, they are all sims with lives of their own, and stories to tell.

Absolutely no dissappearing Bella

Bella will stay where she belongs, with her family. Yes, this also means no recreations of Nina and Dina.

Maybe a playable ghost or two

If I can accomplish it, I will make some ghosts playable, and involve it in to the stories.

Update 21/3/14

I just recieved a gift of the expansion pack, Supernatural. That means the family can be more tied with the occult, such as fairies, vampires, witches, even werewolves. Making some very interesting descendants.