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Goths: Into The Future

As everyone who has read (or is following) my Goth fanon knows, every generation has their own story or special event that all of the sims are revolved around. Yesterday, I purchased the expansion pack The Sims 3: Into the Future, and intend to have some story involving the Goths moving to Oasis Landing.

This won't happen in this generation or the next, because I have thier stories already planned out.

If the following can happen, I intend to add it to the story.

  • The Goths will live in Oasis Landing semi-indefinitely. (At least until I get bored of Oasis Landing.)
  • The legacy will continue, with each generation as before.
  • I'm rising to the challenge of making a futuristic goth style in clothes and design.
  • After a fair few generations, have the future sims return to Sunset Valley, to have some fun pretending the future sims can't cope with life in the "past".

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