As everyone who has read (or is following) my Goth fanon knows, every generation has their own story or special event that all of the sims are revolved around. Yesterday, I purchased the expansion pack The Sims 3: Into the Future, and intend to have some story involving the Goths moving to Oasis Landing.

This won't happen in this generation or the next, because I have thier stories already planned out.

If the following can happen, I intend to add it to the story.

  • The Goths will live in Oasis Landing semi-indefinitely. (At least until I get bored of Oasis Landing.)
  • The legacy will continue, with each generation as before.
  • I'm rising to the challenge of making a futuristic goth style in clothes and design.
  • After a fair few generations, have the future sims return to Sunset Valley, to have some fun pretending the future sims can't cope with life in the "past".