I made the switch to Sims 3, because I wanted to try it out. I turned story progression off, because I prefer to have the whole neighbourhood do what I want them to. Aging was turned off as well, because I wanted to take my time getting used to the controls.

I turned the aging back on for a day or two, so my household could age a little, to force some members to grow into the next stage with the birthday cake. Some sims have entirely dissappeared. I can't find them anywhere. Some new sims have moved into a house. Others seem to keep spawning babies and toddlers. I've had to make a sim to remove babies from both the Goth and the Bachelor households. The game is acting as if story mode was switched on, when I litterally turned it off the second Sunset Valley finished loading. It has never been on since. I turned the sim life span setting to Epic, but Kaylynn Langerak still aged up. Someone from her house has entirely vanished. And Xander Clavell has dissappeared, and some how his elder parents have had a baby. Have I triggered some glitch or something?

Played a little more...

The houses that I've taken the spawned children away from seem to stop spawning them, but that doesn't bring back the four sims that have dissappeared. I compared the sims on the list for the Sunset Valley page to my neighbourhood, and I am missing some sims. I've checked every house.

It has kinda got me worried about switching households. I was going to have two going at the same time, for story telling purposes. But if other houses have dissappearing sims and spawning babies, then that will ruin my story.