As I've mentioned in other blogs, I do a lot of planning before I play sims. I thought, that I could use the fact that sims don't age on vacations to my advantage. Here are a few questions I have, for anyone that has the Bon Voyage pack. I did play it quite a lot, but I've never tried any of these things before, because I usually only play one family at a time;

  • If I sent one family, for example Family A on vacation to Three Lakes, in their holiday home. Then saved and quit. I then went back to the base neighbour hood and chose Family B, and sent them on vacation to their holiday home in Three Lakes.
    • If Jane from Family A was friends with John from Family B, would John be able to invite her over to visit the holiday house. Not as a controllable guest. Just for her to come over, and hang out, and then go home to her vacation house when she wants. Just like visiting sims in base neighbourhoods.
    • Can parties be thrown in Vacation homes, using sims that are their friends, but staying in holiday homes and hotels?
  • If John Smith and his wife and son were to go on holiday, but I wanted him to take his friend Adam Jones, and Adam's wife and daughter along, but John wasn't friends with Adam's wife or daughter, would he still be able to invite those two along, or would he have to befriend them and then invite them?
  • If all the holiday homes were taken, and all the hotels were full up with controlable families in one vacation place - for example Twikki Island - , would the game still let another family go on vacation there, even though there's nowhere for them to stay? Not important, I just always wanted to know this.

Sorry if all of this is confusing. It would be really helpful, if you could answer these questions. Thanks in advance! WayfinderOwl (talk) 21:24, March 2, 2013 (UTC)