I thought I would put this in a blog, rather than spam the talkpage of Samuel Goth or the Goth family talkpage.

By Moonlight Falls Goths I mean Samuel Goth, Frida Goth and Olivia Goth. I was thinking about them quite a bit. More specifically Samuel. I find it very difficult to believe that Olivia could be his first wife. Especially since he is an elder, and it is hinted upon, that he has been dead for quite a while.

Most of the theories I come up with, is that he could have had a first wife. Perhaps even children with her. The whole thing with Olivia just screams, divorced, so he married a gold digger half his age.

Of course, we will never knew for sure, because EA probably put them there, for the sake of having playable ghosts. But, it is fun to theorise, I guess.