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G'day, all, TheTimMan here.

Recently, I've been on TSW a little...too much. So, I've decided to go on a little 4-week WikiBreak. This is so that I have more time to devote to my studies, as my semester exams are coming up. Something has to give, and unfortunately, wiki-ing is the one, because, admittedly, it actually takes the majority of my time. (Yup, I have no life)

Anyway, since I'm going to try to not even look at any TSW pages or updates for four weeks, I won't be able to participate in community discussions or whatnot, so please do inform me about everything that's happened upon my return, if you can.

Thanks everyone, and I hope to see you all on Wednesday 27 May! ―The Tim Man (Infinite HistoriesGalactic CruciblesThe Sims WikiContribs) 11:15, April 29, 2015 (UTC)

until I can return! X|

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