Hi guys!

Have you installed the new 1.29 patch yesterday? if yes, you must notice that ea has a new advertising system in the game. With this new feature, you can find the featured item and buy it inside the game.

The bad news is this new feature come with a price, some users are having problems, such as closing the game on the purchase. According to thesimstg community, what happens is that the game downloaded many pictures to a new folder called "featuredItems." These photos are used for display in the game and there is the suspicion that one or more of these files are corrupted. When these images are downloaded to the folder the game crashes (especially on how to buy electronics and entertainment).

Simmer from thesimstg community has an advice, its better to disable the store for now. you can do it by go in the game options and clear the way store.

But if you can't open the game, go to My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3, edit the Options.ini file with notepad, changing the line enableingamestore = 1 to enableingamestore = 0, Save the file and try to open the game again.

Additional Images:

Wiryawan310 08:47, December 17, 2011 (UTC)