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Wir Wiryawan JukeBox

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LTW Platinum Artist Wir Wiryawan JukeBox:
This is my collection list of The Sims Series official music video in Simlish, just click on the video to play the music.

Wir Wiryawan JukeBox Playlist

Wir Wiryawan JukeBox Trivia

  • The first music video made in Simlish is Smile.
  • Mama Do is the only music video that use 2 language, English and Simlish.
  • Need You Now, Double Vision, Na Na Na, and Stay Too Long Simlish music videos is the short version of the original songs.
  • Hot n Cold have the longest duration from all Simlish Music video.
  • Pixie Lott and Jessica Mauboy appear on the human form on they Simlish Music video.
  • Smile is the only Simlish music video that using Custom Content.
  • The One That Got Away is the only The Sims Series video that not in simlish.

Wir Wiryawan JukeBox Notes

  • If I missed an original Simlish music video, feel free to add it here.

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