Hey guys, as you most likely know, Hidden Springs was released a couple of days ago. This naturally means we have to do some info collecting! We are seeking pages on both all the sims as well as the families and households, and I thought I should probably just remind everyone of this.

You can help us out in heaps of ways:

  • Create Sim articles for the sims
  • Create household articles for the families
  • Upload ingame images of the neighborhood and of it's sims
  • And update the Hidden Springs neighborhood page.

For household and sim articles be sure to have a look at premade ones to get a feel of how they are set out - for families check out this one for a good example, and this one for a good example of a sim article. Remember to use the associated templates!

I'll be downloading it as soon as I can find a version that has been leaked, which I just did - so I'll be helping as well. Any and all help is apppreciated!

~>ђ tคlк 07:56, August 27, 2011 (UTC)