Hey guys!

Recently there has been a few notable changes to various aspects of the wiki as well as some community discussions which you should be made aware of, if you aren't already :3

Position Appointments/Staff changes

Since the last update, we have had CookieMonster888 and BobNewbie officially resigning from their adminship positions, and the position of Ombudsman filled by DanPin. Due to the retirement of BobNewbie, the newsletter has gained new editors, namely DanPin and MTDM.

Newsletter Sign-Ups

Which conveniently brings me to the next topic. There is currently sign ups here for the newsletter - be sure to check it out if you're interested, the newsletter doesn't write itself!

Discussions in progress

At the Community Portal there is currently a discussion (still) on elliminating the player stories feature of the wiki. The discussion is somewhat intermittent and I'm hoping a conclusion will be made eventually for it.

Happy Holidays!

And finally, on behalf of The Sims Wiki and myself, I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Have fun, and have a nice day!

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Think I missed something? Leave me a message on my talkpage or in the comments and I'll add it in :)